Northern BC Rock Climbing

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This site is intended for sharing rock climbing route descriptions for climbing areas along the Highway 16 corridor and north to the Yukon border. The guidebook "Central BC Rock" by Lyle Knight provides a fair bit of info for the Prince George area, but it is out of date and there are many other areas that are not covered in this book.

I also hope this site serves as a forum for communicating about rock climbing in the north. It wasn't intended for alpine routes, but feel free to provide info on alpine rock routes.

This site is intended so that everyone can contribute information, so please feel free to add stuff yourself (become a member and you can edit the site) or send it to me, Scott McMillan ( and I can add it for you. If you see errors or missing information, please fix them or add it in. If you have comments on current conditions or other things that don't need to be directly on the page, please add them as a thread.
Since this site can be edited by anyone, please don't hold me responsible for what you may see. I'm hoping that I'll just get it going and others can take it from there.
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Check out the parallel site for Ice Climbing in Northern BC

Facebook Page with lots of pictures - Or search for Terrace Rock Climbing or Skeena Climbing Society
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